I have listed a few web sites here, most are of general interest in the Spanish Civil War. There are really there only a few bits and pieces published about the Irish involvement, see specifically the Workers Solidarity Movement site for an anarchist pamphlet and related material.

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"Spain the Forgotten War Remembered"

This site can also be found at

Due to the size, increasing updates and expansions, of my web page on the Spanish Social Revolution and Civil War of 1936-1939, I have moved the page to a dedicated web site.

The Spanish Revolution was the most important social revolution of the 20th Century. Even Leon Trotsky noted that it surpassed the Russian Revolution as a truly "proletarian revolution".

Today unfortunately it is seen as a historical blip, if it is even considered at all, coming prior to WWII. To some who would down play the social revolution, it was simply a precursor to World War II and an idealistic anti-fascist struggle.

But to those on the Left it is an important social revolution that saw workers organise self managed factories, and indeed whole cities, and peasants mobilise the 'voluntary' collectivisation of villages and farms.

This site is dedicated to the thousands of workers who made the Revolution and the thousands of workers worldwide who came to the aid of the Spanish Revolution. Their struggles were not in vain.

Lotta Continua!
Eugene W. Plawiuk

This site is useful, although it has not been updated since 1997. It is really a doorway through to other sites.

Again, an American archive listing some of its available material.

Workers Solidarity Movement


This is the text of a 1986 pamphlet, The Spanish Civil War and Anarchism in Action, by Eddie Conlon for the Irish anarchist group, the Workers Solidarity Movement.

The WSM can be e-mailed at

Among the articles they have on the web, the WSM have an article on the experience of collectives in the revolution, see

Along with the Irish anarchist material, there is a general site provided by anarchists that is well worth checking out.

The Spanish revolution and Civil war, 1936-1939

A major site with loads of useful material, especially on the International Brigades from Canada and America. This is an all singing, all dancing site, with the music of the Internationale!

There are 2 Irish pages, one linking to an article in the Irish Times about the Irish survivors, the other is a mention of the book, Strong Words, Brave Deeds, about the life and politics of Thomas O'Brien, one of the Irish volunteers. (

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